Here at Community RePaint, we’re always on the look out for ways to increase reuse around paint. Recyling paint tins and pots can be tricky because of issues with contamination. Have a look at these fun, creative ideas for reusing paint pots before disposal. These ideas from an article in The Times of India show just how many other uses your paint containers could have before they end up in the rubbish bin.

Interesting Ways to Reuse Tin Cans

, The Times of India

Used tin cans often spark the interest of kids as they generally look to turn them into pen stands for their little study desk. However, there are several more ways that they can be put to use by adults as well. Here are a few ideas if you tin cans lying around the house and are clueless about how to put them to use… 

Ladle stand If you don’t have kids at home or a study table where you can place a pen stand, you can use tin cans as a stand for either some of your toiletries, spoons, forks or ladles in the kitchen. Just cut the top off and wrap the can in a jute cloth or a coloured paper of your choice. Then, write what the can holds on the cloth or paper in order to make it appear customized and valuable.

Dessert container If you love whipping up mouth-watering cold desserts like chocolate mousse and have guests over often, you could use tin cans as containers for your preparations. If the average tin can is too tall to hold your dessert, just cut each of the cans into half and paint or wrap them with a fabric of your choice. So, when you serve your refrigerator-cold desserts, your guests needn’t struggle to hold the container as the fabric will keep their hands warm while they dig into the dessert.

Speaker set If you have two tin cans of the same shape and size, turn them into speakers, stands or holders for your portable mini speakers. While turning them into speakers is a laborious process, using them as stands is a lot easier. Just cut the lid of your tin can, paint it in the pattern of your choice and then fit your speakers in. You could even paint them both with a base colour and draw out notes or sound waves to make the speakers look interesting.

Candle mould/ stand If you’re into candle-making, just use old tin cans as both moulds and containers. If you wish to place your candle as is, just line the tin can with a generous amount of oil before you pour the melted wax in. Once the candle is set, flip the can and a smooth or ridged candle will slide out, depending on the pattern inside the can. However, if you wish to gift the candle, you could paint the can in a colour of your choice and tie a satin ribbon around it. Let your candle set. You can then gift it along with the can.

Lamps Use tin containers to make lanterns of various kinds. The simplest way to turn a can into a lantern is by punching holes in patterns of your choice on the can and fitting a bulb inside it. When you turn it on, the light disperses through the punched holes, making the can look like a delicate and pretty lamp. You could either hang this or use it as the shade of your table lamp.

Piggy bank Children’s tastes change often so it isn’t wise to invest in everything that they wish for. But, if your child is asking for a colourful piggy bank, just say yes and get started. Take an old tin can and cut the top off. Take a metal sheet and cut it to fit the top of the can and slit the centre, which will allow for a coin and note to fall through. Then, stick this to the top of the can. Paint it in a colour of your child’s choice and gift it to him/her. This way, you can use another can as and when your child asks for a new piggy bank.

Planter Flowers pouring out of colourful tin cans look lovely in balconies and gardens. Want to add colour and character to your garden? Just take some old tin cans and paint them in vibrant colours of your choice. Cut the top off and fill a quarter of the can with fertile soil. Place your sapling or sow your seeds and then pour in more soil till the can is half full. You could either place them on the ground or add a string to hang your can.

Wind chimes People often buy wind chimes, but if you have tin cans at home handy you can make them yourself. Just take about four or five cans, punch holes through the centre of the base and draw a string through each one of them. Take a wooden ring and tie the other end of the strings of each of the cans to it. Then, tie a thread across the ring so that you can hang it in your balcony. So, when the wind blows, these cans will make a pleasant tinkle that is sure to uplift your mood.

Socks stand Unable to keep all pairs of socks at home contained in one place? Flustered because you’re unable to gather them? Here’s a simple way to ensure that you will find all your socks in one place, and that too in an interesting manner. Use old tin cans and chop off the top of each one of them. Place them next to one another and stick them with glue. You could place rows of tins below one another to restrict the amount of space on the wall that it occupies. Then, put one pair of socks in each of the tin cans.

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