50 million litres of paint are thrown away every year, either through landfill or incineration, which has a huge financial and environmental cost. Over 50% of this paint can be reused but instead is wasted, a problem the 70+ schemes in our network are trying to solve.

Community RePaint schemes will accept full or part tins of paint from local decorators, retailers, traders and manufacturers. Our schemes cannot accept paint directly from householders, but some of our schemes work with local councils to run drop off points at Household Waste Recycling Centres, where paint from households can be taken to for our schemes to collect. The paint that schemes accumulate from the local area is then organised, processed and distributed into the surrounding community and individuals. Last year, our schemes redistributed 332,000 litres of paint into the community and added colour to the lives of over 419,000 people.

Using developed technology, our remanufacturing centres CCORRN and Recipro-UK have taken the next step in paint reuse. The centres can reprocess sizeable quantities of leftover paint into new, good quality paint in consistent colours which can be sold to community groups in larger quantities. The paint can then be collected or delivered to the organisation that is in need, providing a way to attain affordable paint that otherwise would have been wasted.

No two of our schemes are the same and they vary in size and set up, but they all have the same vision. If you are a project in need of paint then please get in touch to see if we can help. To find your nearest drop off point or Community RePaint scheme then go to our website https://communityrepaint.org.uk/.

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