A brand new classroom has been decorated on the Horses and Ponies Protection Association farm, using ReColour remanufactured paint.

The Horses and Ponies Protection Association (HAPPA), based in Burnley, has been working hard redecorating their farm using ReColour remanufactured paint. Their project started with the need for affordable paint. Like all charities, any savings made could then be put directly towards funding their main mission – rescuing equines and educating the public.

HAPPA approached Community RePaint with a wide variety of paints needed in large quantities. ReColour became the perfect option for them, with 20+ colours in Emulsion and 10 colours in Masonry paint, available from just £1 a litre.

HAPPA were able to paint all of their stables, the outdoor equine arena fences and a brand new classroom. The classroom, which also doubles as a second-hand book room, has been designed for staff and general public training and allows the charity to generate an extra income. The charity was so grateful to be able to brighten up their space using affordable ReColour paint.

ReColour is remanufactured leftover paint saved from waste. It is filtered, treated and blended to create a range of high-quality and affordable large quantities of paint, perfect for charity and community groups with big projects. Find out how ReColour can work for you here.

A photo of a selection of our affordable, low-cost and environmentally friendly ReColour emulsion paint, masonry paint and chalk paint in a range of colours.

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