In this article, we share photos from the fantastic creative projects by Becca Campbell, who has an Instagram account dedicated to making her house a forever colourful home.

We love receiving photos from our customers, showing us how they use the paint they’ve purchased from our schemes – and we get very excited about this! It is great to see how the paint has been used in different ways – whether it be a community mural, home redecoration, or furniture upcycling. We love to see the colours you choose, the techniques you use and then share this with our readers for creative inspiration.

Having purchased a selection of ReColour chalk paint from one of our ReColour stockists, Mad Wilburns in Barnsley (supplied by Community RePaint Wirral) ♻, Becca from Recycled Junkie Life Number 3, used her paint for a few different projects, including fun furniture upcycles and a bathroom transformation.

…I wanted to brighten up our family bathroom with some colour, especially being a house with children…why not make it a little fun and exciting.

We absolutely love the pairing of ReColour Blushing Bloom and Funky Fern together in her bathroom.

Bathroom redecoration using ReColour chalk paint Bathroom redecoration using ReColour chalk paint

…I started to paint all the woodwork in the bathroom and shower room [with ReColour] Blushing Bloom and I instantly realised I had made the right choice. After being part of a huge DIY family on Instagram and Facebook I have often seen many people ‘be brave’ and paint literally everything and anything…therefore I thought why not, I have nothing to lose!

…Next on my project list was the bath side, I choose Funky Fern to add some colour and fun, and go along with my “mermaid vibes”…furniture paint is not waterproof but that didn’t worry me as I had a waterproof varnish to apply [as a] topcoat.!

I am really pleased with the final outcome of the bathroom and one of the reasons for this is because of using ReColour. The paint is absolutely beautiful to use and goes on so smooth. The finish is fab.

Once the bathroom was complete Becca upcycled her office chair, bureau, chalkboard wall and even painted the tiles using ReColour chalk paint.

Home office redecoration using ReColour chalk paint

Upcycled tiles using ReColour chalk paint

Upcycled furniture using ReColour chalk paint

I have really been into “recycling” and reusing for many years …. [when I came] across [ReColour] which recycles paint from unwanted paints, [it] just appealed to me straight away and went totally along with my ethos.”

Becca also sells some of her upcycled furniture online and says that “…as a small independent business it is always important to test and push your paints to its limits to see how well it lasts and being a very active young family home, this is the perfect environment to see its durability, substance and how it wears over a small amount of time! I definitely am a huge fan of this paint and the whole story behind how it is produced. I will continue to use [ReColour] throughout my years of business and I cannot wait for my next project transformation...”

We can’t wait to see your future transformations Becca!

Have a story to share? We’d love to hear what you are up to, whether it’s painting your kitchen, brightening up your village hall or upcycling furniture! Tell us your story.

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