Pop artist Sir Peter Blake is supporting Norfolk County Council’s scheme to recycle more used paint cans that the sector hopes will lead the way for the rest of the country.

Blake is best known for the cover artwork on the Beatles’ ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ album. He decorated a paint can with an ‘I love recycling’ design to support Norfolk’s work in informing consumers that empty paint cans are fully recycled.

Norfolk has been collecting paint cans for recycling since manufacturer Impress approached it earlier in the year as part of its goal to increase the amount of metal packaging that can be converted back into new packaging.

The sector hopes the rest of the country will follow suit but says paint cans suffer because they are currently classified as ‘not widely recycled’ because of the product it contains.

Nick Mullen, director of the Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association, said it was a confused situation where the product, rather than the packaging, was determining the on-pack logo. “I don’t know of any other case where a pack has been declared as not recyclable because of the product.”

Mullen hopes that more councils will follow Norfolk’s example because the used paint cans could be completely recycled. “The issue is how householders dispose of the product, but if we can get more local authorities doing what Norfolk has done, then at least we can get into the ‘check recycling locally’ category.”

For more on the metal packaging sectors concerns about recycling logos on paint cans, click here.

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