The Community RePaint network was formed in 1993. The potential for the network was first realised in 1992 during a pilot project in Leeds. It was called the Waste Wagon project and was run by the Special Collections Research Group set up by Leeds City Council, to address issues with household hazardous waste.

The group included representatives from a number of organisations, including paint manufacturers, DIY retailers and environmental organisations. The Waste Wagon project found that we tend to store large volumes of leftover, reusable paint in our sheds, garages and cupboards. As part of the project, this leftover paint was collected from householders, along with other DIY materials and hazardous items. At the end of the project, the paint was given to local charities and groups, which highlighted the demand for affordable paint amongst these organisations, as well as a need amongst individuals and families on low income.

Waste Wagon

From these two activities, the collection and redistribution of leftover paint, the model for the Community RePaint network was born. It was established by Resource Futures with support from Dulux who became our sole sponsor in 2008. The first two Community RePaint schemes were set up in Leeds and Ealing in 1993. Today we have expanded to over 65 schemes covering all corners of the United Kingdom.

Photographs of Community RePaint schemes across the network

In 2015 we launched our first paint remanufacturing centre at our scheme in March, Cambridgeshire, which was quickly followed by our second on the Wirral in 2016. The remanufacturing centres have allowed us to take the next step in paint reuse – reprocessing more leftover paint, ensuring its quality and longevity, and then making it available in new Community RePaint branded containers to community organisations (especially those with premises to decorate) and families on low incomes. Our remanufactured paint is now available at some of our schemes or can be ordered directly from us.

The timeline of the history of the Community RePaint Network

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If you would like to purchase affordable paint, you can find your nearest scheme here. Planning a large scale project? If you require over 60 litres of paint, you can order ReColour remanufactured paint here. If you have paint that you would like to donate, find your nearest drop off point here.

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