Karen, our scheme manager in Bradford has a long history and a wealth of knowledge in the decorating industry.

We’ve worked with our scheme in Bradford to create a series of painting tip videos telling you everything you need to know before starting a decorating project. From whether to use a brush or roller to which type of paint to use, we tap into Karen’s knowledge which is gained from years of decorating properties.

Which paint should you use for walls

Which paint should you use for woodwork

How to prepare your walls before painting

Choosing the right roller

How to cut in

Painting with a roller

Using a new brush

Painting with a brush

How to cut in

How to paint a door

Saving brushes and rollers mid project

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If you would like to purchase affordable paint you can find your nearest scheme here. Have a big project? If you need more than 60 litres you can order our remanufactured paint ReColour here.

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