We know keeping community spaces running can be costly! ReColour remanufactured paint has been created to provide an affordable solution to your painting needs. Read on to find out how a North East-based Community Interest Company recently used ReColour for their decorating project.

Towards the end of 2022, Bishop Auckland-based Community Interest Company (CIC), Bridge Creative, decorated their new premises using ReColour remanufactured paint.

An interior wall at Bridge Creative, decorated using ReColour remanufactured paint A young adult painting a wall at Bridge Creative

The team at Bridge Creative, who support adults with learning difficulties and autism to gain work experience, reach their potential and move into paid employment, linked up with Trades4Care for their decorating project.

Trades4Care support young people in need of work experience within the construction sector, with skills and mentoring opportunities, while providing community hubs, education buildings and care facilities with an affordable decorating service.

A room at Bridge Creative, decorated using ReColour remanufactured paint An interior wall at Bridge Creative, being decorated by Trades4Care, using ReColour remanufactured paint

For the project, Bridge Creative opted for multiple colours of interior emulsion paint from our ReColour remanufactured range. The order was processed by our remanufacture centre run by Community RePaint Wirral. Once processed and packaged, the paint order was delivered directly to the door of Bridge Creative.

ReColour remanufactured paint is bulk produced from leftover paint that is filtered, treated and blended to produce a high-quality range of emulsion, masonry and chalk paint, available in over 20 colours. ReColour remanufactured paint is perfect for projects requiring more than 60 litres of paint and prices start from £1.20 per litre.

Charlie Wright, Co-founder and director at Trades4Care let us know:

“If we had bought all the materials at trade, our project would have cost approximately £1000. By using ReColour, from Community RePaint, including delivery, we were only charged £482.

“This is a massive saving for a Community Interest Company that is trying to support young kids with learning difficulties and autism.”

When asked about the overall experience using ReColour remanufactured paint, Ben Tinkler, Managing Director at Bridge Creative said:

“Using ReColour paint from Community RePaint has been really beneficial to our project. It has saved us a substantial amount of money and fits in with our company values and what we do.

“The quality of the paint has been excellent and is exactly the same as what we would have got if we were paying full price for new tins of paint.”

Check out the video below for further details about the Bridge Creative decorating project:

Find out more about Bridge Creative, by visiting their website or Facebook page.

For further details about Trades4Care, visit their website and Facebook page here.

Do you know of a charity or community that could benefit from large quantities of affordable paint? Community RePaint can help individuals and organisations achieve their desired design with our ReColour range of remanufactured paints, available from £1.20 per litre! Find out more about ReColour here.

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