Do you want to be more environmentally conscious this Christmas?

Waste management company Biffa estimates that UK householders produce 30% more waste during the Christmas period, and as consumers, it is our duty to become more sustainable with our waste.

We know it can be hard at this time of the year to watch our spending and buying habits so we have put together a Zero Waste Christmas guide to help you reduce your waste during the festive period. In this post, we’re talking Christmas wrapping paper and encouraging you to use Christmas wrapping paper alternatives to reduce waste.

As beautiful as gift wrapping can be, most of it ends up in the bin after Christmas morning. Each year consumers in the UK alone will use 227,000 miles of wrapping paper. Old newspapers are a great zero waste Christmas wrapping paper alternatives (as long as you don’t buy one especially to use for gift wrap).

You can add some bright colours to the design, add a ribbon or keep it simple and stick with the black and white print for a traditional look. After unwrapping on Christmas morning, you can use the newspaper for other sustainable uses, like lining your food waste bin as it is also 100% recyclable.

Newspaper wrapping paper alternative

[📸 I Am Artisan]

Other Christmas wrapping paper alternatives include reusable fabric bags, reusable beeswax wrap, craft paper or even old fabric and scarfs.

Fabric gift wrapping alternative

[📸 Phantom Forest]

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