The colour of a room has been proven to affect the mood of those within it. So for a building where counselling and psychotherapy is conducted, creating a safe and calming environment is key.

According to Country living, different colours have different effects on how you feel. For example, orange has been found to bring burst’s of energy and enthusiasm, where as red is known to raise blood pressure and irritability. This was an important factor when choosing colours for Aigburth Counselling and Psychotherapy in Liverpool when they started their new decorating project.

Aigburth Counselling and Psychotherapy ReColour work in progress

The team at Aigburth Counselling and Psychotherapy wanted to change their current dull, and boring room into a calming and comfortable environment. With 17+ colours to choose from, our ReColour remanufactured paint was a great choice. It is both affordable and great for the environment, and the team at Aigburth Counselling and Psychotherapy were delighted with the choice.

Rena, a member of staff at Aigburth Counselling and Psychotherapy, said:

It’s been an absolute pleasure dealing with Recolour. Everything from ordering to the delivery was done in such a helpful and friendly manner and to know that we are helping to reduce waste is fantastic!

ReColour Aigburth Counselling and Psychotherapy ltd

ReColourΒ remanufactured paint is created using leftover paint that would have otherwise gone to waste. Our remanufacturing centre’s filter, treat and blend them to create a range of high-quality emulsions, masonry and chalk furniture paint in large quantities. Since 2015, over 500 organisations have ordered ReColour paint, including charities, schools, community organisations and religious groups.

Community RePaint ReColour

Aigburth Counselling and Psychotherapy chose Bailey Blue and Gilbert Green, both calming colours said to reduce anxiety. Community RePaint Wirral, which is home to one of two remanufacturing centres, provided advice and a quick turnaround. The team were delighted and had this to say about the ReColour service:

Thanks very much, what a great company and great initiative!

Do you run or know of a community organisation that would benefit from affordable ReColour paint? Find out more aboutΒ ReColour here.

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