This year a church in North Yorkshire created an interactive nativity performance with the help of more than 14 set-painting volunteers and over 100 lites of ReColour paint!

volunteer painting with ReColour paint, scenery with desert and sky.

King’s Church Selby created an interactive nativity extravaganza, with hundreds of children from Selby, North Yorkshire, and the surrounding area coming to ‘walk through’ the nativity story in an unforgettable experience.

Professor pendulum take kids back in time in his time machine

This year, they had over 400 primary school children and teachers visit the event over 2 weeks with 36 performances! The children went on an adventure, time travelling in Professor Pendulum’s Time Machine. They went back 2000 years to find out about the first Christmas! Each walk-through scene had the children meet the characters and interact with them and collect evidence to discover more about the first Christmas.

actors in nativity scene with ReColour backdrop

To create this interactive and immersive experience they used lighting, sound and paint…and lots of it. The church ordered over 100 litres of paint in over 12 different colours to create the various scenes, both modern and traditional. The ReColour paint came from Community RePaint Wirral.

finished scene painting ReColour paint

Sonia, the project co-ordinator said “the paint you supplied was brilliant! We were delighted with the quality of the paint and also the wonderful service we received from Beckie at Recipro.”

2 volunteers painting set grey

Congratulations to the 14 people who painted the scenery (and many more than detailing and dressing the sets) as well as the 20 people a day who volunteered to make the Experience wonderful and memorable for the local children. It was a project that involved the whole community.

ReColour paint, brightened a huge number of lives this Christmas. For paint that was once deemed waste, with think it’s proved to be a fantastic reuse project.

two volunteers painting sky blue on set

If you need paint for a project, large or small, Community RePaint can help!

To find your nearest scheme click here, to find out more about our ReColour remanufactured paint click here. ReColour remanufactured paint is bulk produced from leftover paint that is filtered, treated and blended to produce a high-quality range of emulsion, masonry and chalk paint, available in over 20 colours. ReColour paint is perfect for projects requiring more than 60 litres of paint and prices start from £1.20 per litre.

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